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Shelley - Owner & Hairdresser

Growing up, I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a hairdresser. My mum was actually a hairdresser, and she received several international awards during her time in London, so you could say it was in my genes. When I was 14 though, I wanted to leave school and undertake a trade. I initially looked at hairdressing but I was advised against it at the time, so I decided to become a mechanic. Yes, you heard that right, I am qualified as a light vehicle mechanic!

Once I finished with that trade, I realized that my true passion was hairdressing, so I decided to start my apprenticeship at a local hairdresser in Raceview. Once I finished my apprenticeship, I spent some time working locally and in the city. I eventually ended out at Peak Crossing, and after 3 years I ended up taking over the salon I was working at. I spent 5 years growing the business, and then decided to expand into Ipswich where, in 2013, we ended up at our current Peak-a-Do premises. I really do love our current location as you can’t beat that homely atmosphere that an old Queenslander house has. It’s also away from the hustle and bustle of the main shopping centers and has lots of parking and disability access.

I also decided to study a Bachelor of Naturopathic medicine. Although I have always had a personal interest in this due to an autoimmune disorder, it was my father being diagnosed with cancer that pushed me to start it. I am also trained in Trichology, and feel very passionate about it, as your hair is a good indicator of what is actually going on in your body, and it is important to understand this. Because of this, we often have complementary medicine specialist sending clients to us for hair analysis samples. ***In time I hope to start offering services within these fields to our clients. ***

All children are welcome at Peak-a-Do, and I have specialised in also providing hairdressing services for children with spectrum disorder and special needs. I love being able to offer them a calm environment and making the experience as pleasant as possible. We also cater for the blokes, so don’t let the girls scare you away, you're always welcome to pop in. We really do pride ourselves on providing a family friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable, so if you're looking for a welcoming but professional hairdressing experience, please come on in and see for yourself!

Kerri - Hairdresser

I fell into hairdressing in 1989 where I filled in as the "tea and tidy" to help out a local salon on a busy Saturday. This was only meant to be for two Saturday's, but it ended up turning into every Saturday. I found that I really enjoyed the feeling I got from making people happy. Time went by and in 1993 I started my apprenticeship and college. I enjoyed learning about hairdressing and all the different techniques and knew I had found my passion. I have always enjoyed making people feel great about themselves and I absolutely love that look at the end where they are thrilled with the end result, and that huge smile after a whole new transformation! I specialise in perming, and I understand traditional hair dressing methods as well as the new-age techniques that have emerged.

I have always worked in Ipswich, and have been lucky enough to meet many people. I love getting to know new clients and being able to give them the results that they are after. For those who have become regular clients, I always look forward to catching up with them and it's extremely rewarding to know that they continue to trust me to do their hair again after many years. It's always such a pleasure!

Sharlea - Beauty & Hairdresser Apprentice

I have always enjoyed art, and therefore see the body as an open canvas when it comes to hair, makeup, and special effects. Since I was young, I had always been passionate about creating intricate and flourishing designs which blossomed when I started hairdressing. However, I have also maintained an enjoyment for makeup and special effects body painting as it reflects the alternate emotions in art.

Being the first school-based apprentice at St Peters Lutheran College, I was able to extend my styling skills through multiple designs of braiding. Colleagues found my skills useful, especially when it came to their daily activities. Whether it be a tight double-dutch braid for sports, an elegant fishtail braid for an evening out, or even just a casual braid to keep hair out of their faces. With the limited supplies that we had, I was able to transform a lazy messy bun into beautiful works of art with one hair tie and the odd findings of a bobby pin.

I am pretty lucky when it comes to working at Peak-a-Do. With Kerri's 20+ years in hairdressing, I am able to learn different hairdressing techniques and skills, which helps further my knowledge and experience. I am also blessed to have the opportunity to work with my Aunty Shell, who is not only a great hairdresser but is also studying naturopathy. By being able to work alongside these 2 great hairdressers, I am able to gain invaluable experience and they provide a great environment that allows me to work with a whole range of great clients and be able to perform to the best of my ability.

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As of 01 Feb 18, some of our prices will be increasing slightly.

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